my services

Advice, support & training options for children, adults, families, schools and other organisations.

Whether a client, a parent, a teacher or an organisation most people are trying to provide care and support while dealing with the real life issues of home and work. Over 35 years experience in 4 continents has taught me that delivering help is all about being flexible and innovative with time, media and people.

I favour a tailored, multi channel approach that mixes 1:1 sessions with research, reporting and training (face to face in real life or on-line). Ideally this delivers a sophisticated on-going support system via a simple billing of time that’s tailored for you.

Whether you're an individual, family, association, group or educational institution please contact me in the first instance to discuss the right solution for you.

Charges in UK Sterling: (Payment by Paypal or B.A.C.s Transfer)