My journey as an educator, therapist and mother

I am passionate about making a difference using my experiences as a professional and parent.


In 1992 after moving to Singapore, my 2 year old son was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome – a genetic condition which is on the Autistic Spectrum. Having been a teacher since 1981 I now found myself the parent of a child with learning difficulties and also sensory problems all of which would have implications for his behaviour, development and growth.

At the time there was no real knowledge about Fragile X in Singapore, the  net was in it's infancy and my own international research journey had only just begun.

I flew in an ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) trainer for Autism from the USA and I contacted experts in the UK, the USA and Australia, opening up lines of support, medical expertise and general enquiry that I still maintain today. In between sessions I updated my son’s programme by fax, phone and e mail. 

We both evolved.

Other parents soon followed. I formed support groups, ran 1:1 clinics and was instrumental in promoting an atmosphere where we all shared and developed our knowledge and resources. For 8 years I helped with the recognition of difference, disability and growth of services in Singapore.

  • I ran ABA intervention programmes for local families with Autistic children, trained in PECS and TEACCH 
  • I worked at the British Council and Tanglin Trust International School as a SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator). 
  • At the Julia Gabriel School of Speech and Drama I worked with special needs children and ordinary students helping to bridge those 2 worlds.
  • At the National University of Singapore I worked with Psychology Students; the work I did became part the requirement for the degree course.
  • I also worked with International Baccalaureate Students at the United World College of South East Asia where I trained them as volunteers to support families in Singapore.


So much of the Autism training I did in Malaysia and Singapore is still continued today via my on-line clinic and support systems.

In 2000 I moved to Cape Town in South Africa and set up my own education consultancy. I worked with the Education Department of the Western Cape, 3 Universities and The International School of Cape Town. Overall I trained staff and worked with students at 8 different campuses. 

I returned to the UK in 2002 and continued working with children and adults with all types of difficulties. My last post was in a special school where I was Head of Autism, Head of Interventions and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. I worked 1:1, with small groups, whole classes and trained staff. I worked with the families of the students in their homes as well as with them in school. I advised local schools and did specialist work with some the most challenging students in the area. 

My son is now 28 years old, active and happy. He is in semi-supported living. I have built a team around him called “The A Team”. This team is multi-disciplinary, creative and committed. They, like me, work hard to make a difference. I want to share my unique experiences and knowledge to continue helping other children, parents and organisations in Asia as well as the UK.

Anne Donohoe


BA Hons Art and English – University of London

Post Graduate Certificate in Education – Nottingham University

BA Hons & Post Graduate Degree in Psychology – Open University

Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language – University of Cambridge

Master’s Degree in Education, Special and Inclusive Education – University of Sheffield

Member of:

The British Psychological Society – graduate member

The Fragile X Society UK

The National Autistic Society UK

National Association of Special Educational Needs

Sensory Integration Education